Matt Schoch, Townsville Based Naturopath.

Matthew Schoch


Holds an Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy, Complimentary Medicines Association member (CMA)  and owns All Body Holistic Health Townsville.


Matt Schoch, Townsville Naturopath.

I grew up amongst a large family in Bundaberg Queensland and started my career in the Floor laying trade when I was a teenager. After 15 years in the flooring trade, I suffered some distressing effects from my job. Chronic back pain, including nerve damage and narrowing of my spinal column, joint pain and arthritis. All this, at the young age of 28. 

By this time I was well on my way to building a large family of my own and navigating parenthood. 

Knowing I needed to plan an alternative to my trade if I was to sustain a long working career and continue to provide for my family, I decided it was time to explore the idea of a career change. 

My own personal health journey saw me seeking  natural alternatives to long term pain medications in Naturopathy and Natural Remedies. Thankfully, I saw phenomenal improvements. All this with the use of Naturopathy, Nutrition, Bowen therapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

When I discovered my children had special needs and  medical and Therapeutic interventions were necessary, it seemed logical to seek out natural alternatives as well.

All this sparked a passion and drive that lead me to decide to transition out of the trades. So I began to study an Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy, while at the same time balancing work, study and Family life.

Along with my study, I was fortunate to secure my clinical placement with Rosemary Jacobs here in Oonoonba Townsville. Rosemary is an esteemed Naturopath and invaluable mentor who I felt proud to work with throughout my time studying and gained valuable experience and skills. 

Since graduating in 2018 I've continued to support Rosemary in her private practice in Oonoonba, and established All Body Holistic Health, my own private practice in Northern Townsville. I hope to continue to support the general health and well being of people, with the goal of creating happier and healthier clients.  I also hope to offer natural and personalised solutions to treatment by producing   

prescriptions on site, making them specific for my clients needs and overall more affordable.


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