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What can you expect when you visit our Townsville Clinic?

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When you come in for your Initial consultation at our Townsville based Clinic, expect it to take up to an hour and fifteen minutes to talk with our naturopath. During this consult your health history, a detailed evaluation on your body systems and lifestyle will be noted. 

This is an opportunity to discuss your health goals and current barriers to your health. Its also a chance to receive advice, recommendations or a treatment plan to help you achieve and overcome barriers in order to reach your health and wellness goals.

What do I bring to my appointment?

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We ask you to bring any helpful or relevant health information for our Naturopath to compile your case notes. This includes any reports or test results to assist in taking your case history.  We also require you to bring  a list of current medications, supplements and any remedies you are currently taking and NDIS plan details. 


We Currently accept payment for services on the day of your appointment via Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Credit and Debit cards, AMEX, JCB or Diners Club charge cards. For all mobile Consultations we require payment in advance.

Get more for your money with a package deal.

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While we offer our Initial and Follow-up consultations for a fixed fee. We also aim to provide packaged deals to our clients who might require regular follow ups on treatment plans and more intensive assistance. Plans include a  phone call by our Naturopath between consults to give clients the opportunity to discuss any questions they might have or to check in on your general health and progress. This is invaluable for our clients who travel from Ayr, Ingham and outside the Townsville area to visit our clinic.

Please see our products page for further information or call us to to discuss your needs.

Managed Conditions

Some conditions our Naturopath can support you with....

Acute Illness (colds, flu etc.).

Anxiety and depression.

Arthritis and joint issues.

Assist injury recovery.

Cancer support.

Children's health.

Diabetes Management.

Disability Support.

General health and well-being.

General fatigue.

Hypertension and Blood pressure concerns.

Lifestyle advice

Liver issues.

Male and Female hormone issues.

Men's health.

Nutritional support.

Performance issues (physical and mental).

Preventative health.

Skin complaints.

Sleep hygiene.

Stress (Chronic).

Thyroid concerns.

Weight loss.

Women's health.

Acute and Chronic pain is just one of the complaints our Naturopath can assist you with.
Acute and Chronic pain is just one of the complaints our Naturopath can assist you with.
Townsville Naturopath, Herbal Medicine, homeopathy, Natural Health, wellness, iridology, preventative health

Techniques and Treatments

Diagnostic techniques


  • Iridology.
  • Hair, skin and nail analysis.
  • Tongue analysis.
  • Body system evaluation.
  • Blood pressure and heart rate.
  • Detailed medical history and a Health and lifestyle evaluation.


Naturopathic Treatments

  • Herbal medicine.
  • Homeopathy.
  • Nutrition and dietary advice.
  • Tissue salts /Celluloid's.
  • Flower essences.
  • Lifestyle advice.
  • Essential oils.